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Oh you know me, livin’ the dream as a server. Worked a 9 hour shift tonight, no breaks. Did fairly well in tips, but jeez. It was just me and that coworker I mentioned before, as the only servers tonight. (Let’s call her K.)

K is sort of.. ditzy, I guess is the best way to say it. She’s not completely stupid, but damn, sometimes I truly wonder. Girl’s got no common sense I swear. So you can imagine how I ended up staying 4 hours later than I was supposed to.

We got slammed tonight, but I did the best I could, pulled on that smiley mask, and worked my ass off. It’s just a great feeling when you know you’ve connected well with a table and made them feel at home. That’s what I strive for. It’s not always about the money. (I mean, it is my job, but still), when I serve, I try my best to make the guest feel as comfortable and at home as possible. Since there was a major sporting event happening in my home town, we got a crazy rush with tables being sat all over the place. I took a table full of southerners with really thick accents. They were just the most polite people. I had them laughing and joking with me, telling them about all the things they should check out while they’re in town, and everything. They said I was fabulous, tipped me well, and said they would request me next time they came. I am so glad to finally be getting recognition from my customers. Maybe I had the wrong attitude at first.

I didn’t eat much today. I am not sure how much it was, because I was too busy to keep track of all the numbers. In any event, I sure as hell burned off enough to keep me somewhat settled in my mind.

But good god, my hips and feet are killing me. I think I’ll try to pass out for a few hours.

At least I get tomorrow off.